Congratulations Delhi! Delhi Cabinet Passes Much-awaited Jan Lokpal Bill To Fight Corruption

The Delhi cabinet has cleared the Delhi Jan Lokpal Bill and the passage of the bill is awaited in the Delhi Assembly. Even as the bill is awaited to become a law, just the cabinet clearance could perhaps mark this day as not only a historic day In post independent India but also a day which will set a new course for India. A fading dream of corruption free India was given new life through this decision. From today you have a very good reason to hope that a Corruption free India is possible. Some of the features of the bill includes ■ From the CM to Group 4 officers all come under the ambit of the Lokpal Bill. It is worthwhile noting that UPA had shown great hesitancy in including the PM in the ambit of the LOKPAL. ■ Legal right of protection to whistleblowers and witnesses. ■ Time bound investigation & trial in corruption cases. If beneficiary of offense is business entity, in addition to punishment provided under this law, those found guilty will have to pay fine 5 times the loss.
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Author: Abhishek

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