Struggler Vicky Malhotra Is Not Happy About The Chaiwala Securing A Modeling Contract!

The internet went completely bonkers over this photo of a fantastic peered toward chaiwala from Islamabad. Indeed, the photo got such a great amount of footing via web-based networking media that an attire mark in Pakistan really offered him a displaying contract! Obviously, the majority of the world was excited that a basic picture via web-based networking media figured out how to change a man's life. In any case, you know who wasn't inspired? Varun Thakur's modify sense of self, Vicky Malhotra! In this video, transferred by SnG Comedy, battling on-screen character Vicky Malhotra needs the world to realize that he has a one-up on the chaiwala! Green tea! Not only that, he's even got flavors! What's more, c'mon, who can oppose the allurement when you see the quite attractive Vicky tasting on a hot measure of chai!
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Author: Abhishek

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