The Photoshoot For The Swanky Audi R8 Worth Rs 93 Lakh Was Done Without Even Using The Car!

They say, with a camera telephone, everybody is a picture taker, nowadays. However, it is one thing to click a photo, and another to do it well. Felix Hernandez Rodriguez is one such splendid picture taker. He is distinctive and you will in a matter of seconds know why. This Mexican picture taker is known to take little questions and photo them with a very surprising point of view. So when Audi requesting that he photo their new $160,000 sports auto Audi R8, he did it in his own style. Rather than utilizing a real auto for the photograph shoot, the picture taker chose to proceed with a $40 toy model of the auto. Be that as it may, you will have a hard time believing it on the off chance that you observe these photographs. Quick autos in intriguing areas. You'd expect that in an Audi photoshoot. Be that as it may, hold up till you perceive how these photographs were taken. There aren't quite quick autos. That is only a $40 toy auto. What's more, the fascinating areas? Indeed, they are all inside the picture taker's studio.

Audi R8

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Author: Abhishek

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