Girls! Now You Can Defend Yourself With This Highly Advanced Pepper Spray

The sexual assaults and eve teasing have become regular incidents, thus this new innovation is of high importance. This is a must read for all the women out there... A highly advanced pepper spray has all the qualities which can make you feel safe and secure. pepper spray, defender SOURCE This pepper spray is connected via Bluetooth to your phone and as soon as you press the button of this spray, it captures attacker's image. pepper spray, defender SOURCE Once the image is captured, defender sends the image of attacker and your location to the local authorities who are monitoring 24*7. The defender also has oscillating flash with siren and speaker, so that it draws the attention of the nearby people. police, defender, pepper spray SOURCE This advanced pepper spray is on designing phase...yet it has created a huge buzz before it's launch. This is something which will take the attacker on ground and women could feel safe and secure.
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Author: Abhishek

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