Pakistan’s Former ISI Chief Gives Open Challenge To India, Attack On Us And Finish This Dispute

Now this is something weird, Pakistan's ex-ISI chief completely denies that the terrorist caught alive from Samroli village, 10 km from Udhampur is not a citizen of Pakistan, when told the terrorist confessed that he is from pakistan, the ISI chief said get his DNA test done then only we can believe. If you have so much problem with us, attack and finish this. Here are ten things you must know about the captured terrorist: 1. His name is Usman. He had earlier claimed his name was Kasim Khan. 2. He is believed to be 20 years old. 3. Usman speaks Urdu and Punjabi. 4. He has reportedly admitted that he is from Faisalabad in Pakistan. 5. He was captured from Samroli village, 10 km from Udhampur. 6. Alert villagers in the area helped nab Usman. 7. Usman was carrying an AK-47 rifle. 8. The Indian Army has set up a helpline to catch the remaining two terrorists believed to be at large. 9. The Home Ministry has confirmed the captured terrorist is from Pakistan. 10. Usman's partner was gunned down by security forces in the encounter. He is yet to be identified Checkout this exclusive interview of the Ex-ISI chief. Do not forget to share it with your friends.
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Author: Abhishek

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