Big Fat Indian Wedding Shot with iPhone Camera – Brilliant Work!

If you don’t have an expensive camera, you probably don’t need one. This Big Fat Indian Wedding shot with an Apple Iphone 6s Plus is an example some brilliant work. A genuine photographer is the one who never depend on gear for everything. Photography is not dependent on of the devices, it is the technique and art of the photographer which matters. All you need is creativity, not expensive gear. Brilliant work! Kudos to the photographer! The photographer Sephi Bergerson always had in mind to shoot and edit the entire wedding using his apple iphone however his long luring dream only came true when he met Ayushi and Abhishek Udaipur in Rajasthan who were there for their 3 days Big Fat Indian wedding. Sephi says, “I don’t put the iPhone to the eye, so I don’t block eye contact with the subject.”
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Author: Abhishek

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