Watch! This Wife Thinks Her Husband Has Extra Marital Affair.

Watch! This Wife Thinks Her Husband Has Extra Marital Affair.

It was always said a woman speaks and a man listens! 90 percent of the mind of women comprises of this ‘doubt’ factor which they just cant resist..Poor men! All they need to do is come home tired from work, sit in front of their wives and clarify thousands of doubts that have been arising since morning. Trust matters a lot in any relation but many women fail to understand this. More than a wife, they play the role of a pyring journalist Be it your coming home late by 5 mins, be it your assumed affair with your secretary or be it your late night dinner parties, if you are a man you are born to be ‘answerable’ to each question your wife asks. Watch it and let us know how many of you were successful:-
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Author: Himanshu

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