Viral Kohli Finally Getting Married.. Wait..! The Girl Is Not Anushka.. What? Really?

No matter how rude he must be, still his female fan following doesn't give a damn to it. Girls still get eager to get his one glimpse. video He and Anushka never denied about their relationship and didn't even mind shutterbugs clicking there photos or writing about them.It seemed at any moment they will announce their marriage date. video Finally he has revealed that he is getting married in this November. But a shocking news came straight from the sources close to the cricketer that the news is true. But the strangest part is that the girl is not Anushka. video The girl is Madhuri Ranaut Ganguly video She is a cardiac surgeon with one of the top hospitals in Bangalore. video Virat's female fan followers are stunned with this announcement and are strictly opposing his decision of not marrying Anushka. video In different parts of India, girls protested against his decision and were chanting 'We will not let you marry any other girl except Anushka. video Relax.. Em Joking..!!! it’s just a prank. video Don't worry you are not the only one who got fooled. There are many who fell for it. We are still eager when he will announce his marriage date. Hope soon. video Share this trick with your friends and see how do they react.
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Author: Abhishek

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