Video Of Gurgaon Police Saving A Girl From Being Raped Publicly Is A Must Watch

Among the toughest jobs in India, one job is of policeman; his salary is less, long hours of duty and still appreciation is something which he can’t really expect for himself. Most of the times, Indian policeman are on the radar of critics and abusers who claim that every wrong happening in India is taking place because of these inefficient policemen. However, the responsibility for bad law & order situation also goes to the corrupt system of India which has now become a slave to the rich, powerful and political people. We are sharing a video which shows the action taken by the cops of Gurgaon who saved a girl from getting molested and s*xually assaulted by some rich spoiled brats who were drunk at that time. It is just shocking to see that these jerks have the guts to commit this act in the busy public area. Watch The Video Of The Incident:

This Video was sent to me today by a person and he requested to write my view on it. Drunk and born with silver spoon Guys Molesting and trying to Rape in front of Gurgaon Police but Policemen saved a Girl. I really salute to these Policemen for spot reaction.Here, You can see video that How Policemen saved a Girl. Sometimes, We blame to Police that she can't doing her job but, It's not her fault. It's worst System and Political agenda to save Rich and High Profile People.

Posted by Kundan Srivastava on Friday, June 19, 2015
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Author: Abhishek

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