Paris Attacks, This Symbol For Peace Is Going Viral To Show Support For The Victims

The world went to sleep with happy thoughts in their head, ready to wake up in their usual world on Saturday morning. Unfortunately, the world had changed. On Friday night, Paris faced a massive terrorist attack that left around 120 people dead and many injured. image Islamic extremist group ISIS took responsibility for the attack that shook the world. Help and wishes poured in from all over the world and people were terrified thinking how could humanity fall so low. image To send the prayers and wishes for the victims and their families, Instagram shared a sketch of peace symbol with Eiffel Tower in the centre that soon gained popularity on social media. image The symbol was named ‘Peace for Paris’ and it soon became the symbol for solidarity in the critical circumstances. image Different adapted versions of the symbol is being shared by many celebrities, organisations and people: image Stay strong Paris.
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Author: Abhishek

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