10 Amazing Google Search Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know About

10) Do you know Google Search has inbuilt timer? Just type "Set Timer 30 Minutes" and see what happens

Google timer viral affairs

9) Are you health conscious? Use Google to compare and find best food for you.

Google Nutrients Calculator

8) It's a calculator.

Google Calculator Amazing

7) Have you seen Google doing Rock and Roll? Just type "Do a barrel roll" and Google search will start rolling.

Do a barrel roll google

6) Type "Recursion" and "Did You Mean" will take you through a Loop. Isn't this a nice way to define the meaning?

Google Recursion Viral

5) No need to tilt your screen anymore. Just seacrh "Tilt" and see what happens. He He..

google tilt amazing viral videos

4) Looking for a specific flight schedule? It's all easy to find.

Google flight search

3) Feeling bored? Want to play a game? Search "Zerg Rush".

Zerg Rush Viral Affairs

2) Need a world clock? Nothing faster than this. Just search "Time New Delhi" and see.

Google timer viral affairs images

1) Search for your favourite singer's songs with just a click.

Google songs by search
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