Video Of Anjali Ramkissoon Abusing An Uber Driver That Went Viral

Here’s what happened: 1. A woman in Miami got into an altercation with an Uber driver and attacked him when he pulled up to another passenger’s location. She was seen unleashing a torrent of blows on the driver. The driver, in return, didn’t retaliate even once. However, when he tried to restrain her, she shouted, “You don’t know who the f*ck you’re messing with right now.” 2. After she was done with beating him, she got into his car and got really belligerent. She abused him verbally and threw his property from the car – some documents, scissors, and an iphone. 3. After a while, she trotted off the car happily. The cab driver must have informed the police because after she left the scene, the police showed up. They put her in the police car and she started crying and apologizing for her misdeed. What’s interesting is the driver’s reaction. He didn’t press charges at all and opted for settlement money. Miami police told that the woman was not arrested. However, Uber has suspended her account on account of her misbehavior, stating they have “zero tolerance policy for any form of harassment and abuse.”
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Author: Abhishek

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