Tweet,Text And Get Updated With This Bracelet

This is not an ordinary bracelet...this will not only increase the beauty of your wrist but will also make you famous. This is "RITOT WATCH". This watch/bracelet is something which you would have never seen. Once connected, projections reveal the caller’s name, text messages, reminders, emails, tweets, facebook posts, and more. A single bracelet costs $120 (£70) – although it is expected to retail for $160 (£94) when it's released. KEY POINTS ABOUT THIS WATCH 1.This watch is designed by Ukrainian-based Michael Medvid 2.Its projector beams notifications and the time onto the wearer’s hand 3.Notifications are projected by tapping or shaking the Ritot. 4.Projections last 10 seconds and the bracelet can be synced with a phone. 5.Alternatively, the watch will vibrate when notifications are received. Watch how this watch works and share with your friends.
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Author: Abhishek

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