Rich Delhi Girl Created Ruckus For 3 Hours On Road, Police Station & Hospital

Ek To Chori Upar Se Seenajori :3

#Breaking Rich Drunk Delhi Girl Created Ruckus In Delhi's Connaught Place Last Night After Her Car Rammed Into A Bike. Ek To Chori Upar Se Seenajori :3Like Bekaar Videos For More Videos!

Posted by Bekaar Videos on Wednesday, February 10, 2016
New Delhi’s Connaught Place recently witnessed ruckus created by a girl and a guy after a car-bike accident. It so happened that on late Tuesday night, the girl’s Mercedes touched a bike at Rajiv Chowk Metro Station’s gate number six. As reported, a boy who was with her beat guys on bike; not only this, they both misbehaved with cop as well as doctors. This ruckus continued for around 3 hrs at road, in police station and then in the hospital. According to the bikers, they both were intoxicated and as per a biker named Sonu, the girl said, “My father is in CBI, I will pay Rs 10,000 and get released.” However, she has been detained by the Delhi police.
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