This Girl Dumped Her Boyfriend Because He Is Poor! What Happened Next Will Shock You

This video portrays how money can break and make relationships. It is about a girl who ditches her boyfriend only because he is poor cannot afford things like taking her to a restaurant, or wearing some good clothes! She hurts him by saying ‘choose your girlfriend as per your capacity’. Very strange, isn’t it? It is rightly said that time changes and it heals everything! She moved on by marrying a rich man as she desired, but randomly she bumped into her boyfriend one fine day and what she saw and heard was unbelievable. Her boyfriend had become a big man! When she boasted of her husband earning 5 lakhs a month, she got the biggest shock of her life, when her husband arrived and addressed her boyfriend as ‘Sir’. Yeah! her husband was actually working under him. Watch the video below!
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Author: Abhishek

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