Hilarious What Happened, Mark Zuckerberg Came Between Modi and Camera

PM Narendra Modi pull mark zuckerberg who unintentionally came in front of camera. image Narendra Modi and Facebook CEO Zuckerberg were attending the Townhall Q&A Session when the incident took place. The event was beheld by the entire world very excitedly as Indina Pm Narendra Modi was the first ever Prime Minister to attend such a session. After the session, Modi signed on the Facebook wall. Then a lady was supposed to present a gift to Narendra Modi. When the lady was busy presenting the gift to the Indian PM, Facebook CEO Mark unintentionally came before the camera and blocked the view of Modi and the lady. Guess what our Prime Minister did then? He just held Mark by his arm and slightly pulled him aside. Have a look of Video:
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Author: Abhishek

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