“Heart Of A Lion” He Left His MNC Job To Become A Police Constable.

The job of a police office in India is undoubtedly the toughest job and poses the biggest challenge. It often comes with a cauldron of difficulties – requires one to go without sleep for days together with one’s wits and reflexes on constant call, lesser salaries, devoting less time to family. It calls for plenty of guts but gives little glory. Being part of the police is no easy task, at any level. This is the story of the police constable, Rupesh Krishna Rao Pawar, who left his MNC job to become a part of the police force. He talks about his decision of becoming one, how it affects his family, the struggles associated with being a police constable, and why he’s still proud to be one. Watch this video by Kittyzenkane to get a glimpse of his life. Have A Look of Video:
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Author: Abhishek

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