Epic Video On Things That Every Engineers Are Tired Of Hearing Everyday

22 tak padhai…25 pe naukri…26 pe chhokri…30 pe bacche…60 pe retirement. Aur phir? Maut ka intezar… Here is a video which uploaded by "BeingIndian" that, a typical life of our society that is considered successful and settled by most people. if you are an engineer, your life has been planned at the micro levels as well. Family says ”Beta take placement in Mumbai na, Indore se direct bus hai.” Teachers says “M. Tech kar ke kya hoga, tum MBA in marketing karo, scope accha hai” Friends says “Tum mechanical wale ho? How many girls were there in your class?” Questions like these are an everyday affair for engineers. How many of these have you answered? Have a look of hilarious video:
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Author: Abhishek

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