Check out The Tragic Story Of Dhoni’s Friend Santosh, The Inventor Of The Helicopter Shot

MS Dhoni: The Untold Story released this Friday and has been entirely effective in attracting the groups of audiences to the theaters. The movie tells us concerning a portion of the untold stories from Dhoni's life and one of them is about Dhoni's famous helicopter shot. 613551091 The shot has ended up synonymous with Dhoni however not very many of us realized that Dhoni's mark shot was not his own particular creation. The shot was called Thappad Shot in those days and MSD learnt it from his companion, Santosh Lal. 965982331 Santosh Lal was Dhoni's adolescence companion and they hung out venturing out to various states for cricket competitions. While addressing The Indian Express, another companion of Santosh Lal, Nishant Dayal said: He and Dhoni were the best of companions since adolescence. They would play tennis ball games perpetually. They both worked for Railways. Santosh was brave as a batsman. Throughout the years, Dhoni may have patented the "helicopter shot" however growing up, there was somebody who was better at it. Dhoni constantly respected his batting style. Furthermore, Santosh showed him to play the helicopter shot," includes Dayal. Indeed, even after Dhoni turned into a star, he remained companions with Santosh who went ahead to play Ranji cricket. But unfortunately, he succumbed to pancreatitis at 32 years old. Dhoni had masterminded an air rescue vehicle for his debilitated companion to move him to a Delhi healing center, however everything went futile. 903322260 Thank you, Santosh Lal, for showing MSD the helicopter shot so he could engage us with such a variety of picture-perfect finishing shots.
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