Google Hurts Indian Sentiments Once Again: Map in AdSense Showing J&K Inside Pak & China

As reported by the sources, Google has once again infuriated Indians by posting wrong map of India where it has shown some part of Jammu & Kashmir inside Pakistan and China territory. This controversy is first noticed by our correspondent on one of the renowned services offered by Google, Google AdSense which is a free service offered to millions of website publishers of all sizes to earn money by displaying targeted Google ads on their websites. On Google AdSense platform a portion of Indian Territory is not shown as a part of United India. This is not the first instance when Google has made this blunder. In year 2013 and 2014 also similar instances were reported where Google profaned the India’s national map policy (As per the laws, displaying incorrect map of India is an offence under section 69-A of Information Technology Act, 2000). This new controversy has again tormented the Indian Sentiments and it can be seen as a setback for all Indians and Website owners using AdSense Services on their websites in India. It’s now our turn to be a responsible Indian and raise our voice against these repeated mistakes by using #MyIndiaMyLand hashtag and let the world know that our land is ours, was ours and will always be ours. Scroll down to check out the Google AdSense screenshots showing wrong map of India and do not forget to share this post with as many Indians and let the respective authorities hear this news and take necessary actions. JAI HIND!

#MyIndiaMyLand video As you can see in the image below, the north western part of J&K is shown in Pakistan's Territory.

#MyIndiaMyLand video

Here also the north eastern part of J&K is shown in China's Territory.


video In the image below, according to Google the portion highlighted in green is shown as Indian Territory wherein some parts are left off.




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Author: Abhishek

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