This Indian Girl Went To AMERICA On Hrithik’s Bday To Ask Foreigners Who Is He?

There are 330 million gods in India. I am not kidding with the number, just google it. However, amongst all of our desi gods there is a Greek god and we call him Hrithik Roshan. The abilities of this 42 Year old Greek God includes making girls faint in theater, Make grown women scream like cats and at times make grown up men reconsider their sexual orientation. We bring this up because Hrithik turned 42 today, Yayy its his BIRTHDAY, And to wish him Rickshawali made another of those legendary foreigner videos. Check the video to find out yourself. As for me, I am heading back to watching Kaho Na Pyaar hai followed by Jodhaa Akbar.
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Author: Abhishek

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