“Have You Physically Matured?” Tamil Nadu Sports Minister Humiliates Women Athletes

Tamil Nadu Sports Minister Dr S Sundararaj has landed in the soup after asking some humiliating and uncomfortable questions to some female athletes, during a school inspection in Pudhukottai. He paid a surprise visit to the school and asked some questions like: 1. “We are spending so much on your dress and food, then why are you not getting any medal?”, 2. “You have put on weight no? We give you Rs 250 for food every day, and we give college students Rs 200 a month. You get more than them combined. I will only give money according to the food you eat”. 3. One of them was asked about her parents’ salary. 3. To one of the athletes, he asked whether she has physically matured, which is quite appalling. 4. As if this was not enough, he asked another one, “Are you wearing enough vests?” Dr. S Sundararaj received a lot of flak for his derogatory remarks, hence purporting that he was only “motivating” them.
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Author: Abhishek

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