You’ll Go Mad Over Unbelievably Accurate Shots Of Virat Kohli After Watching This Video

Virat Kohli's Lofted Drive Through

Yesterday Virat Kohli showed us that he can do anything. Today we bring you yet another treat! Here's the 2nd #RideTheThrill trick shot. Watch and share! For more download the 'Ride along with MRF' app today

Posted by MRF Tyres on Monday, March 28, 2016
We all know how excellent and superb Virat Kohli is on the cricket field and at one fell swoop, there is no denying the fact that he is one of the best players of Indian cricket team. The batsman is always in limelight, whether it’s for his mind-blowing performances on field or his personal life, his relationship with the actress Anushka Sharma or their break up; the media is ever excited to know more about him! Virat, no doubt, has countless fans and if you too follow him, you must be well aware of the fact that he is the brand ambassador of MRF and gets about Rs. 8 crores just to put the sticker of the brand on his bat. Well, here we present an amazing video which might be a promotional shoot from MRF and you’ll surely be stunned seeing Kohli’s “unbelievable accuracy”!!
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Author: Abhishek

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