How a Landslide Can Be So Devastating? These videos from World have the answer!

Lately, Landslides have created destruction on large scale. On top of the list comes landslide in Nepal. Where on 2nd August,2014, eight people died and hundreds are still missing. In this landslide, Araniko Highway, which connects Nepal with China swept away. Before this, 40 houses in a village near Pune in India were buried under tons of mud and 186 people died in this landslide. Lets look at some of the most devastating landslides of the decade, that created considerable destruction in World.

1) Landslide in Manali blocked the route

On 3rd July,2010,The landslide occurred between Sissu and Koksar in the Manali-Leh Highway, where huge rocks and mud blocked the whole road creating problems for travellers. Fortunately, it did not harm lives of people.

2) 2100 people died in a Landslide in Afghanistan

The tragic landslide in Argo District of Badakhshan Province, Afghanistan on 3rd May,2014 killed 2100 people. Unfortunately, The landslide hit on a day of rest in Afghanistan, when people were at home and whole families were lost under burden of heavy mud.

3) Landslide hit China After Deadly earthquake.

After watching this video, you would realize the intensity of landslide in China, which hit the country in 2012. This Landslide with earthquake killed more than 50 people.

4) Massive Landslide in Pingtung, Taiwan

In 2013, a massive landslide took place in Laiyi Township in Pingtung county, southern Taiwan. A series of landslides after heavy rain affected the whole region.

5) Truck falls in landslide in Uttrakhand

In June 2013, Uttrakhand faced a lot of destruction from landslides, cloud burst and flood. Thousands of people got stuck there and many died. In this video, a truck on Kedarnath-Badrinath Highway is captured, which falls due to landslide.
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