Watch! A Guy Went To Salman Khan’s Mumbai Apartment To Marry Him

Bhai jaisi body, Bhai waala bracelet, Bhai ke movie ka first day, first show. Are you a crazy Sallu bhai fan? Then this one is for you! Check out how an ardent fan of Salman Khan is out on streets asking people to help him get married to Salman. The reactions will make you rofl. Salman Khan fans are everywhere and all they want to do is become like their favourite superstar for which they can go to any limits. Literally anu limits. Although one crazy guy from STFU18 decided to step up the craziness and went about on the roads asking people if they will get him married to Salman Khan. Obviously, people thought he was drugs and gave him absolutely funny responses. Watch it:
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Author: Abhishek

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