Nimrat Kaur Talks About Trying Marijuana & Having A Lesbian Encounter!

Nimrat, from an Army child to an International star embodies an independent, strong and fearless woman. An inspiration to many young girls and boys out there, we see her real, raw and hilarious side. Coolest person in the world, Nimrat Kaur is all set to make her opinions loud and clear on Culture Machine’s webseries – UnBlushed. Speaking about a possible lesbian encounter with an exotic dancer at New York, Nimrat admitted that at first she was foxed and unable to judge the female exotic artist’s pick up lines, but when the reality eventually dawned on her she made a quiet and quick exit. She also spoke at length about how terrorists captured and killed her father in Kashmir and how strong her mother is. On a lighter note, Nimrat recalled about trying marijuana, but how now her two cats (and the troubles they create) are enough to zone her out. Check out the fun video right away!
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Author: Abhishek

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