Watch! Logical Proof that JNU Afzal Guru Protesters are Idiots

Elections are coming up in the Next Year and every Sensible person in India might have expected some sought of Outrage in the country before the Elections and some sought of High-Tension Drama. Last time it was Riots this time it is a few Junk of Idiots using an Institutional Platform and Chanting ANTI-NATIONAL Slogans. Not many people knew JNU two weeks ago and now JNU is all over the Print Media, Broadcast Media & Social Media. Things started when Students Association. And the credit goes to those Idiots who thought AFZAL GURU, a terrorist who attacked parliament in 2001 is actually a wise man and was Framed by SUPREME COURT and GOVT together. These IDIOTS didn’t even hesitate to call a Terrorist as MARTYR. And as it was expected there were people who got really offended and opposed the event and in the course of events somewhere some IDIOTS chanted ANTI-NATIONAL SLOGANS and the drama started. Slowly this drama was taken over by major Political Parties of the country and leaders who should try to peace out the situation visited the Institution and added few more slogans in support of those Idiots, proving themselves a bigger Idiot.
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Author: Abhishek

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