He Spent All His Savings For His Son’s Studies But His Son Is No More: His Life Will Inspire You

We often get so disappointed that we think of quitting life, if next time any such stupid idea hits in your mind, watch this 77 year old man's story and I am sure your perception towards life will change. This man is a retired bank manager, who spent all his savings for his son's studies but unfortunately his son is no more. He has nothing left with which he can live rest of his life in peace. Even at this age, he is working so hard to feed his family. For this, he daily travels 120 km to earn some money and between all this, he never gave up. He kept trying and it is due to this spirit which has made him a Facebook hero today. Watch this story which will fill your eyes with tears and inspire you with full of energy. Don't forget to share this with your friends.
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Author: Abhishek

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