Are These Real People? Find Out Now. You Will Surely Be Surprised!

8) You will definitely wonder when i will say that this is just a "sculpture". Isn't this shocking.

innovative art, viral affairs

7) These women cant believe what they are seeing. Actually they are part of the story......


cc5b1117-79ea-4c84-a452-84aaefe4c691_mediumhyperrealistic sculptures, viral affairs

6) "Couple under umbrella. what???? YES again "They are not people but Ron Mueck miracle". Even in such huge sizes don't they look incredibly realistic...

artistic, ron mueck, viral affairs

5) Ron Mueck an "Australian sculptor"  was doing this since 1996. He used to work in children's television and films later he move into this amazing world of realistic sculptures one ever see........

b3b79b50-7dfb-4ed7-a166-dc24e7c05acf_mediumunbelievable arts and wonders, viral affairs

4) Guess "what is this now". NO not a sculpture but a "Mask". The person behind this is real.

big mask, viral affairs

3) Though this is very big in size but you cant make a differece in some angry man's face and this amazing sculpture of RON....

huge images, viral affairs

2) People "Widen their eyes and open their mouth "on single glance of these sculptures of RON.

Unseen art ever, viral

 1) Ron sculpted  so well that you cant find out which is real and which is fake. look at this lady and you will accept this fact.......


No camera tricks no illusions. but these are unseen art of Ron Mueck. he first sculpted in clay. the clay is later replaced with a mixture of silicone, resin and fiberglass.

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Author: Abhishek

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