Darling Don’t Cheat First Look.Daring & Brutal.Absolutely Compelling to Watch & Makes Your Blood Boil.

Darling Don’t Cheat” has captured the attention of a large mass and given rise to much controversy on account of its hot trailer and the ‘n*de trip’ contest due to which the movie is facing protest in UP. Rajkumar Hindusthani has directed this movie and it’s scheduled to be released on 11th March. Its posters were burnt on street near Meerut district collectorate by a group that included women mostly. Not only this, they wrote to district authorities for banning it as well. The reason of the protest according to them is representation of females in a discourteous manner and instigating individuals against the culture of India. But what’s unacceptable on their part is the ‘n*de trip’ contest for which they chanted the slogan “Rajkumar Hindusthani Hai Hai” and asked for banning it in the whole Western UP including Meerut. As stated by Pankaj Yadav, DM, “We shall ban this film. We shall lock the theatres running this film.” However, according to the director, “We are well within our rights legally and morally to carry out the contest.” Hindusthani added that the statement of DM “is contrary to the censor board, as the censors have already cleared the film’s release.” As per him, “Regarding the movie, there is nothing objectionable with regard to the depiction of women. And the competent authority — the censor board — has cleared our film.” Hindusthani further maintained, “We will not worry about fringe elements in the society who instigate innocent people to demonstrate against the movie with ulterior motives.”
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Author: Abhishek

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