Bengaluru Students Trolled Rahul Gandhi When He Asked About Swacch Bharat

Rahul Gandhi showed up at Bengaluru’s Mount Carmel college in a casual attire, a stub and a script to impress. Sadly, the script backfired. While dismissively talking about Modi government’s Swach Bharat campaign, he asked a seemingly rhetorical question: “It’s not working, is it?” “I don’t see it working, do you see it working?” Sadly (for him), the students decided to answer the question: almost all of them roared a definitive “YES” which stumped Rahul. Then, in a desperate attempt to save his grace, he asked another question (which pulled him even deeper into the “quicksand of backfire-ism”). He asked, “Let’s ask another question. Do you think Make in India is working?” Check it out:
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Author: Abhishek

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