15 things Only An Engineer Can Relate To..!!!

Engineering students are the one who experience life in a different way. Whatever they are tough is not less than torture and has nothing to do in the real world.They also have there best phase of life in hostels.
Here is the list of few weird things which can only be related by an engineering student.

1. Chai Sutta Chronicals
This becomes daily routine, more important than having food.

2. Why does it happen that all the hot girls are either Junior or Senior!
This happens “ghar ki murgi daal barabar”

3. Exams are a never ending process which happening in the whole engineering
Internals, externals, projects, practicals and repeat.

4. No one ever fails, you will get a pile of back logs
There is one ironic fact that the person with most number of backlogs is the star of college

5. Approaching a girl is like inviting trouble from her frustrated one sided lover
Both are having a fighting for that girl who has no clue the fight is because of her.

6. If you are a girl, you will have a feeling of a celeb coz every eye will be on you
Since number of girls are less such thing happens often

7. Every second engineer is high almost all the time
Be it marijuana, alcohol, joints. They work as the bonding element in an engineer’s life

8. You playground is Counter Strike
Go to a computer lab, connect to LAN. Login Counter Strike. Here we go..!!

9. Exams are a joint affair
Your result depends on the person sitting in front of you or behind you. If you have the first seat in the exam. Disaster..!!

10. Rum is your best Humdum
The money which we get from home for juice and milk goes into old monk.

11. People say smoking causes cancer, but for engineers its causes innovation
Most issues are resolved over a stick of smoke, be it coding or completing an assignment.

12. Ability to write loads of shit in a small chit
This is the best skill which you learn in engineering.

13. Best Human Scanners
You get the ability to read the whole book on exam night which was taught in the entire semester

14. Scoring in Internals are big mess
Even if you are a top scorer, you need to have good terms with your professor to get good internal grades. Now this is real struggle.

15. I’m Lovin it..!
When you start loving this life, engineering comes to an end.

Cheers to those golden years which gave you such priceless moments.

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Author: Himanshu

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