Pillcam Scans Your Whole Body with Speed of 18 Photos per Second

People get scared from endoscopy but now there is no need to get scared anymore because scientist have invented this amazing new way to see inside of your body by just swallowing this unique pill. This futuristic Pillcam allows doctors to detect any internal problem of the patient unlike endoscopy. More than 1.5 million patients have undergone this expensive pill endoscopy giving a positive feedback. pill cam, endoscopy, white pillcam SOURCE This pillcam is swallowed unlike any other medicinal pill which scans every part of your body and clicks 18 photos per second. Through this, doctors can easily detect any internal problem of the patient and can resolve it. pill cam, white pillcam internal body, endoscopy 20 years ago, this was just an imagination of scientist but today its reality. This pillcam costs £500 for one time endoscopy and is available in most of the hospitals of UK. pillcam, white pill, endoscopy SOURCE This video shows how pill-cam tracks your body internally and its to amazing watch. Go check out and spread it amongst you friends.
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Author: Abhishek

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