Watch Sonam Kapoor Surprise Her Fan By Visiting Her Home With A Secret Diwali Gift!

In the event that you've been taking after Sonam Kapoor via web-based networking media, you more likely than not saw as of now that she's been pressing a "mystery" Diwali present for somebody uncommon. The anticipation got over when Sonam shocked her fan at her home to glad screeches of mistrust and satisfaction The video radiates sheer bliss and we should concede, it raises a grin on our countenances. What better blessing can a selfie fiend get than the Diwali Limited Edition Selfie Expert OPPO F1s, that too from a celeb you're obsessed with. It's 2016 and I'm not saying no to desserts and mithais (bring them on), however the fabulousness of a blessing lies in its suitability as opposed to in its esteem. Furthermore, today, if your friends and family are as yet utilizing a low-end device, it's lone fitting to blessing them an overhaul. Also, pack it with an astound, as Sonam did. Afterall, it's not the blessing but rather the prospect that matters. Happy Diwali!
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Author: Abhishek

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