This Jihadi Was Selected To Explode Bomb In India, What Happened Next Must Watch!

Faqr Hai

#FaqrHai As India Celebrates it's 67th Republic Day, Postpickle has something for you to reflect. This Jihadi was selected to drop a bomb in India. What happens next will pinch you in the centre of your chest. Watch "Faqr Hai" to know why.

Posted by Postpickle on Saturday, January 23, 2016
Jihaad is treated as food for terrorism, it survives on it. Yes, people are brainwashed in the name of Jihaad. But, what if they study more about the accomplishments, greatness and power of the countries they wish to destroy. In India, when the entire nation is celebrating 67th Republic Day, there are soldiers protecting the borders, there are policemen protecting the citizens, there are doctors keeping them in good health, and there are terrorists possibly planning the next attack on the nation. On the same note, this is a small video of what happens when a Jihadi is made to study about India, before being send to drop a bomb.
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Author: Abhishek

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