This Experiment Would Prove, If You Can Survive A Heart Attack In India

We live in a country where we are taught to believe in religion more than humanity. You must be thinking that why I'am talking about humanity, but after watching this video you will think the same. As a student our teachers guide us that always give way to ambulance because it's a question of someone's life. But like other lessons we forget this lesson as well. If the patient sitting inside do not reaches hospital on time, he/she can die too and the patient inside it can be your family member also. Then why do not we understand this simple thing and We take it so casually that we sometimes park vehicles in front of a ambulance...we ignore its horn...we never give a pass. We should not forget that one day the same situation can be with us also and only who suffers can understand this. Watch this ambulance experiment conducted in india and share it with your friends to wake them up!
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Author: Abhishek

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