SpiceJet Airlines Tells People Flight Is Full & Charges 22,000 For A Ticket But Reality Will Shock You

SpiceJet is the name of such business organization that is making the best use of Chennai Floods. SpiceJet Airlines is overcharging the passengers as they charged Rs. 22,000 from Anupam Anand who took a flight from Bengaluru, he was told that the flight is full and people are waiting. He took some photos mid-air and from these photos you can make out how full is the flight. Here is the Facebook post of Anupam Anand, which is going viral wherein he wrote the following and added 4 images of the flight: “Dear Civil Aviation Ministry & PMO of India – in crisis situation of Tamilnadu , all flights were canceled and somehow people manage to reach Banglore airport and each ticket costed that day was multifold amount. I paid 22k for one seat and had been told all seats are full people are waiting. Posted are pics of spice jet in mid air and you can see how many seats are available.. I could not take much pic but managed to few.these seats can be offered to Spl disabled , Girls ,women & old age people who were starving to back Delhi. Spice jet airlines behaves inhuman nd this is great example of why I shud not be intolerant on this issue. Do not use this airline in future and bring it down. I request rather liking this plz share as much as you can till it reaches to Ear of PMO & Civil Aviation ministry. I want strict action against Spice jet and other airlines who did the same. Despite this proud to be Indian and faith in Govt to bring justice .”
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Author: Abhishek

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