Angry Kerala Woman Thrashed A College Girl During Flash Mob At Bus Stop

A lady in Kerala stunned the mob at a moment when she slapped a girl at a bus stand in front of a number of people. The girl belonged to the dance group that was performing at Kannur’s Payyanur bus stand and thus, traffic got interrupted which did not seem to be likable on the part of the woman. While each and every one from the crowd appeared to have enjoyed the dance performance of the troop, she got furious and slapped her. As per several reports, the woman has been identified as the mother of that girl and she was fed up to wait for the finishing of dance after which only traffic could have moved. Here’s a video which is circulating over web and social media and shows some college students dancing on the famous song “Lean On”. It seemed to be all fine until the performance ended and students clapped so as to give the impression as if dance is finished. However, just after few seconds, the dance troop once again began to dance on a different song and at this point, the angry lady from the mob rushed to a girl of the group and slapped her.
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Author: Abhishek

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