Watch A Website Where You Can Slap Aamir Khan! Shiv Sena, I Want My Rs 1 Lakh Reward

Unless you've been away from any and all forms of human communication over the last few days, you'd know that Aamir Khan's recent comments caused a little bit of a brouhaha in the country. So much so, that you had the Hindu Sena booking tickets to Pakistan for the actor and his family. Oh and of course, the Shiv Sena went one step ahead and offered a Rs.1 lakh reward to anyone who would slap Aamir. image Seeing as actually getting within slapping distance of Aamir is a distant dream for most people, Miami Ad School students, Himanish Ashar and Dhvani Shah, actually went ahead and made a website where we could do just that. You can try your hand at it here. image
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Author: Abhishek

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