Watch: 10 Fastest Stumpings By Dhoni That Prove He Is Even Faster Than 4G

Whenever we talk about a cricket team, mostly we focus on the batting, bowling and fielding aspect of the team but we leave one important person out of our discussion and he is the very man who stands behind the stumps! No we are not talking about the umpire but the wicket-keeper. Wicket-keeper is as important for a team as any other player; in fact, having a specialist wicket-keeper is an asset for the team. Wicket-keeper needs to be athletic, quick and should have a great presence of mind as he can give good advice to the bowler on how to bowl a particular batsman after observing his shortcomings or the problem area. How good a wicket-keeper is, can be ascertained by looking at the catches that he takes behind the wicket and most importantly by seeing how fast he is in stumping.
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Author: Abhishek

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