‘Ghayal Once Again’ Movie Review By Audience: Live update

image Sunny Deol is returning to big screen with Ghayal Once Again, 16 years after the first film 'Ghayal'. The Punjab-da-puttar, who will make a splash on the silverscreen once again, has something very special in store for the youth. The film, which is youth-centric comes across as a promising one. Ritika Handoo of Zeenews.com is watching the film now. Check out the tweet review here: #GhayalOnceAgain is ready to entice the audience Sunny Deol is back in the game after a long time in #GhayalOnceAgain Sunny Deol has directed #GhayalOnceAgain We are swung back to the 90s cult Ghayal in between #GhayalOnceAgain Sunny Deol is a man of few words in #GhayalOnceAgain The action genre is Sunny Deol's comfort zone #GhayalOnceAgain The supporting cast acts well #GhayalOnceAgain
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