Every Indian Must Listen What This Pakistani Reporter Said On PM Modi’s

PM Modi paid a goodwill visit to Lahore and it was such an important moment which grabbed the attention of whole media. Reporters in both Pakistan and India immersed in examining the event for long; however, the visit was hailed by world media which looked at it as a great chance for clearing messy relations between both the nations. Social media filled with hilarious reactions as well as funny memes and jokes on the event like “Abey Hello Hello Chhodo; Dawood Aur Hafiz Ko Chupao Kahi.. Modi Lahore Pahuch Gaye Hain!!”, “Kheer me cheeni kam hone ke kaaran Pakistan par barse Modi ji” and lots more! Watch This Video:
Pakistani reporter freaks out at sight of 100 Indians in Lahore

Pakistani TV reporter freaks out in bad Urdu with Punjabi accent at the sight of 100 Indians in Lahore!

Posted by Tarek Fatah on Friday, December 25, 2015
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